11 Guest Bedroom Essentials for the New Season

Everything You Need for a Cozy Guest Bed

Your guest bedroom should look like a hotel bedroom. You should pamper your guests and let them have the “feel at home” feeling.

Fresh bed linen for the bed

Everything You Need for a Cozy Guest Bed

11. Freshly Laundered Sheets & Blankets

Freshly laundered sheets are a must and I would also advise to only buy white bed linen. Remember that hotel you loved so much, I bet they had white bed linen and in addition, white towels? 

10. Pillows, Pillows & More Pillows

You should have at least 2 pillows for each person. I prefer to have a softer pillow for sleeping and a firmer pillow to add for reading. Avoid the urge to cover the bed with all the lovely scatter pillows you set your eyes on. I know, you get the most beautiful colors, but you need a place to put them when your guests want to sleep.

9. Extra Blankets

You definitely want to add a flat sheet under your duvet cover or blanket. It adds to the luxury feel of the bed, in addition it add layers. That is where your throw will also not only add another layer to the bed but you can choose a colour that will brighten up the room.

Extra blankets for chilly nights, colour and texture.

Other Bedroom Must-Haves for Guests

8. Nightstand & Lighting

Provide your guests with bedside lamps that are plugged in. You do not want it to be the strongest and brightest lights.

7. Storage Space

Always provide an extra chair or something to put their suitcases on. Empty a drawer or two for clothes and a space to hang dresses or shirts.

6. Snacks & Refreshments

Your guest will thank you if they can make a cup of coffee the next morning, without going to your kitchen, before a shower. Add a bowl of biscuits to your tray. 


5. Reading Material

Maybe supply your guests with a magazine or 2 to let them relax one more moment.

4. Fresh Flowers or Greenery

To complete the bedside table add a small vase with a flower or some fresh cuttings from your garden, no need for expensive flowers.

Prepping the Perfect Powder Room for Your Guests

3. Soft, Fresh Towels

I always keep my white guest towels separate from our towels, you still want it to look unused and very white.

2. Extra Toiletries

Remember to put out soap that is still in the wrapping and an extra roll of toilet paper. A bottle of hand cream would come in handy.

Going the Extra Mile for Your Guests

1. Gift Basket with a Sweet Note

Leave something for your guest to take home. I remember that we have friends that have a special thing they leave in the room when we visit. For example, Ansu will always have a chocolate bar on each of our pillows while Marlene will have a chocolate bar at each plate setting at the table. Anything small that your guest will remember you by.
Even your favorite magazine or a key holder will make your guest feel special.

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