4  Ways to change the look of your house to sell faster

97% of buyers first look online, are your house standing out in the crowd? This will show you how!

You only have to make small changes to have a big impact on how your house can be a magnet to your buyer. 

Home Staging is basically removing unsightly and most personal things before the photos for the listing are taken and before the buyers are visiting the home.

Why should I stage my house,  I am moving?

There is never a second change to make a first impression. Buyers typically take less than a minute to make a decision regarding your home. Why leave that first impression to chance? Home staging helps it stand out online and driving more traffic so you can sell your home faster.

1 Preparation

Home Staging is to prepare your home to sell. In my opinion it is a crucial ingredient in the recipe for a successful sale. 

 2 Presentation

The old saying location, location, location no longer applies. It is now presentation, location and price. Byers want a move in ready, well priced home in a good location.

3 How to

We provide you all the tricks of the trade, from the colour of the lightbulbs to the way to prepare the toilet roll.

 4 Checklists

We use checklist with examples for every room, so we take the guessing out.

“You will sell 78% faster, according to the Real Estate Staging Association national stats.” That means 30 days on the market vs. 100 days.

Home staging is a marketing tool

Attract more showings which lead to more offers. More offers means higher value and higher commission rates.

It Starts online, with a photo

That first impression is everything. When a photo catches a buyer's eye, they will click on it to learn more, but if the photo doesn't pop, they will click to the next home. With great photos you will get buyers in the door.

What Others Say


When we were merging all our furniture, I had no idea where to put everything. Mazuryk effortlessly figured a way that suits us both. We love it. Thank you!


 / Home Owner


I smile every time I enter the room!


/ Home Owner


We had our our house on the market for a year. We thought it looked good. Mazuryk edit our personal things and retook the photographs, what a difference! We recieved an offer not long after that.


/ Home Seller

Use my checklist to get your house  Staged for a fast sale

With our checklist we will take you room-by-room to get your house ready for the market. We have the pictures, you just copy.

If you do not have a Home Stager in your town, we have a the step-by-step plan.

This service is currently closed. Need a reminder when it's open, we'll add you to our waiting list.


Home Staging creates a powerful marketing tool that gives home sellers and Real Estate agents a competitive edge over the real estate market.

I had the privilege to study in the US to become a Home Stager. Being a teacher in South Africa, I want to share what I've learned with you. This is valuable tips for Real Estate Agents as well as Home Sellers.

To only tidy your home, one of your biggest assets, is leaving a lot of money on the table. We have proven results that houses sell much quicker when it is staged. 

I believe every house on the market deserves to be staged. We have a step-by-step plan to get your house that 'WOW" look and feel for a swift sale.

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4 Ways

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