Stop-and-stare- Bookcases & Tabletops

9 How-to Tips for styling bookcases and tabletops

Ever thought bookcases are only for books? Style your bookcase with some interesting pieces with different shapes and colours. Tabletops should have some conversational pieces on it, even collections that could add to your story.

I think you can have a recipe for styling your bookcases and table tops. This recipe can be used over and over just by changing out a few things.

Styling Tip 1: Less is More

Shelves should not be filled from side to side. It is not only for books. Books can be laid flat as well and you can even turn books around so you see the pages side. 
A coffee table should not only have the TV remotes, the latest newspaper and some odds and ends on it. Have something nice to look at.

Styling Tip 2: Select Meaningful Items

For your coffee table, select 3 items and a tray that fits your coffee table or one halve of the coffee table. Those 3 things should also be different heights. Take this example: a vase with flowers or a plant, a stack of your favourite books and some ornament that have meaning to you or a fragrant candle. The same for bookcases, mix some of your items that you love to look at or that you want to display.

Styling Tip 3: Choose a Variety

Now remember, if you choose your items to display, it should have some things in common like the colour. You should pick items that you really love and share with others. 

Some items could include: Here are a list of things to get your imagination going. 
Books, art, mirrors, baskets, vases or bottle, figurines, antique items like cameras, jewelry or cigar boxes, plants or candles. You can add metal items like silver, gold er even swarovski crystals.

Styling Tip 4: Diversify Color, Texture, Height & Weight

I love to add things in odd numbers, 3, 5 or 7. Choose items in different sizes and also different textures, meaning, glass, metal, wood, paper or a living plant. Choose colours that will compliment your entire room.

Styling Tip 5: Work from Back to Front

If you are styling an entrance table or bookcase, select your biggest pieces first, they go on the back.

Styling Tip 6: Place Your Largest Items First

After your biggest pieces at the back, place smaller pieces in front. Stack a few books horizontally with an ornament or photo on top. I often look at pinterest pictures to help me with the recipe of how you should place your things.

Styling Tip 7: Create Item Groupings

I mentioned uneven numbers, this is where you group your objects together. Here is an example: a big plant, a wooden bowl and a glass ornament.

Styling Tip 8: Favor Asymmetry

Asymmetrical is more interesting to the eye, where you place 3 different things of different colour or texture together. For an entrance table you can use 2 lamps or 2 ornaments symmetric to each other, meaning, the same on both sides. 

Styling Tip 9: Step Back & Edit

Now it is time to step back and see if you like the placements. In case of a bookcase, I place things that draws the eye in a zig zag pattern, that way you give balance to your shelves. You are not going to get it right the first time, but I always go back to pinterest and train your eye the way they do it. 

In my opinion, there is no wrong way, just make sure your eye lands on something interesting, that thing that make people stare and say “wow” how did you do that?

What’s your favorite, most meaningful bookcase item? I’d love to hear about it! Share with us in the comments below.

Until next time,