Vacant Staging

Empty Homes Don't Show Well.

We create beautifully staged homes people want to live in.

I believe that great home staging inspires an emotional connection and it’s this connection that results in homes that sell faster and for top dollar.

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Statistics show that Vacant Homes on average spend twice the amount of time on the market as occupied homes and sell for an average of $11000 less.  9 out of 10 homebuyers don’t have the imagination to envision what a vacant home could be.  

 Staging services include:

  • Selection/Planning of Staging Design
  • Delivery & Installation

  • 60 days of Staging

  • Destaging & Pickup

  • Extensions Available as Needed

Pricing for Vacant Staging starts at $2297 and is dependent upon the size and luxury level of the home.


Console by Mazuryk Staging

We start with a complimentary call to get started. We’ll gather all the necessary information from you and book a time for the consultation.


At the consultation, we’ll walk through your client’s home and take notes and photos so we can can create a customized plan for the property.


Once the consult is complete, we’ll create a customized plan for the property. This plan will focus on highlighting function & flow, showcasing the home’s selling features and adding the WOW factor.


With the plan in hand, your clients will be able to prep their home so it’s ready for staging. On staging day, my team will enhance the appeal of every space and make sure it’s photo-ready!


With staging complete, it’s time for professional photos! This way you’ll have amazing photos and videos to help you market the property and attract prospective buyers.

I appreciated working with Mazuryk. She was honest, straightforward and direct. She explained the process thoroughly before we started, we set out the goals we wanted to achieve and we worked well together to accomplish the project. I was happy with the results. Mazuryk was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. I would recommend working with her to stage your next listing. Your clients will thank you.

Marlene Carlson


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