The Art of Staging Your Home Using What You Own

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Five Things EVERY Real Estate Agent Should Know About Home Staging


Real estate agents need home stagers to be more effective in their jobs.

Yet, home stagers are often frustrated in their home staging marketing efforts to real estate agents.

I think they’re not willing to spend any more than is absolutely necessary on a listing, especially when they don’t know if the house will sell at all.

What I know for sure is that home staging can be a superpower for real estate agents who want to become top producers in their market. Beyond merely decorating a space, home staging creates an emotional connection that carries the target buyer to the closing table.

1. Speed up sales.

Home staging will make it easier for you to market and sell your listings because your MLS photos will be 100% more enticing, and once visiting a property, home buyers are more likely to make an offer on a home that shows well.

2. You will attract more leads with better photos.

With 90% (Canada) of home buyers searching online before ever calling a real estate agent, you will attract more leads with better photos, not only for the staged listing but from active buyers who will want you to show them other properties too.

3. Price reduction.

Your clients don’t want to hear you recommend a $10,000, $20,000 or $50,000 price reduction because that’s money right out of their pockets. Home staging services can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a consultation up to several thousand dollars to fully furnish home.

In every case, the cost to your client will be significantly less than the price reduction. This makes for a much easier conversation with your clients and keeps you on the “same team.”

4. It’s not a service you personally have to pay for.

Home staging is a service you can recommend to your clients as a faster way to sell their home for more money, but it’s not a service you personally have to pay for.

Some real estate agents may think home staging is just an extra expense, but later find that it’s worth every penny.


5. First Impressions Matter.

In real estate, first impressions make or break a deal.

When potential buyers step into a well-staged home, they enter a curated atmosphere that encourages them to imagine living in the space.

On the other hand, if they have a bad impression within those crucial first few seconds, their feelings about the entire house will be soured – no matter how much potential the listing has.

 In a world where first impressions are everything, real estate agents who embrace home staging are the ones who come out on top.

4 Reasons why home staging is worth it!


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