About Mazuryk

No matter where you are in the process of selling your home, I am here to help. My top priority is ensuring that your property stands out and gets sold quickly.


Our Successful Staging Plan is a collaborative system that makes it quick, easy, and fun to prepare your home to sell in the shortest time possible… without becomming a stressed-out mess.

My journey began when I joined my husband on a two-year work assignment in the US in 2016. Watching HGTV, I was mesmerised by property staging and realized it was a real profession. After a career of teaching I was ready for a new career

My approach to home staging is centered around utilizing the homeowner’s existing furniture and decor wherever possible. My ultimate goal is to create a product that appeals to most buyers and makes your home look great both online and in person.

It’s all about visual marketing!


If we can improve your product (your home) more buyers would want to buy it.

I have staged homes in four different countries, South Africa, USA, UK and Canada, an incredible and ongoing journey.

Mazuryk Staging is a registered Saskatchewan  company and proud members of RESA (Real Estate Staging Association). RESA provides a reliable network of support for home stagers and a resource for real estate agents to find local stagers.

I am also certified in my craft as an HSR  Home Staging Professional and HSR Certified Colour  Expert.




Kind Words

Mazuryk Staging and her team have been instrumental in the success of many of our listings. Normally unremarkable homes are now in high demand because of staging. In addition to enhancing the marketability of the properties, staging has evolved into the cornerstone of our listing company.


L. A.

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