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Ons lewe in Saskatchewan

Ons eerste 6 maande in Saskatchewan Saskatsh… wat, waar bly julle? Ja, eers het ek nie eens geweet van so ‘n provinsie in Kanada nie. Archerwill, Saskatchewan Op 14 Februarie kom ons by ons nuwe huis aan. Die hele wêreld is spier wit gesneeu. Dit is ook soos altyd, kom donker by die plek aan. […]

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Stop-and-stare- Bookcases & Tabletops

9 How-to Tips for styling bookcases and tabletops Ever thought bookcases are only for books? Style your bookcase with some interesting pieces with different shapes and colours. Tabletops should have some conversational pieces on it, even collections that could add to your story. I think you can have a recipe for styling your bookcases and […]

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11 Guest Bedroom Essentials for the New Season

Everything You Need for a Cozy Guest Bed Your guest bedroom should look like a hotel bedroom. You should pamper your guests and let them have the “feel at home” feeling. Everything You Need for a Cozy Guest Bed 11. Freshly Laundered Sheets & Blankets Freshly laundered sheets are a must and I would also […]

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